Volti is the hands free music page turner that allows musicians to play without interruption. Musicians rest a book on it, the separator pulls a page apart from the rest of the book, and then the flipper inserts itself between the pages of the book. Once the musician presses the foot pedal, the page flips instantaneously. 
This product was created for 2.009 Product Engineering Processes, MIT's Mechanical Engineering Senior design capstone class. My team of 17 worked through the whole design process- brainstorming, creating concept sketches, prototyping, sketch modeling, and creating working refined models of the product. We created a final ebony and brass working model of Volti to demonstrate during our final presentation. I was chosen as one of our team's three presenters for our product launch in front of over 40,000 people in person and online. 
Volti, the Volti foot pedal, and the Volti case. 
Videos of Volti flipping pages
Initial brainstorming and presenting concepts

Sketch models of various initial concepts

Volti page turning mechanism mockup
CAD model and technical review working prototype of Volti

Final presentation with working model of Volti

Full video of final presentation

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