Partnered with 5 Wits Productions to create a Candyland themed puzzle room called Jumbled Jellybeans (a Jellybean Rock Wall). Players must scramble around the room to ensure that they are holding on to the correct colored hand holds when the lights in the room change colors! My team of 5 storyboarded, prototyped, and sketch modeled our concept before building a full scale, playable model of the room! 
Initial concept sketches and storyboard for Jellybean Rock Wall

"Looks-like" sketch model

"Works-like" sketch model

Jellybean hand holds digital models

3D printed jellybean model and silicone mold

Resin cast jellybean hand holds

Final life sized build of the jellybean rock wall

Miniature model of the Jumbled Jellybeans puzzle room

Final user experience storyboard

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