We are in the process of conducting a longitudinal cross institutional study with the University of Michigan to explore how increased agency and social impact driven makerspaces grow engineering identity and self-efficacy in marginalized students. 
We are also conducting a study with the MIT D-Lab to understand inclusion, retention, and success of women and gender minorities in makerspaces.
Expected contributions of these projects include: (1) a longitudinal understanding of how engagement with makerspaces and social impact projects influences students’ engineering identity and self efficacy, (2) a qualitative picture of student experiences in makerspaces through interviews and case studies, and (3) a quantitative understanding of relationships between women and other gender minorities’ demonstrated strength and self confidence in engineering.
Publications from this work include:
Madhurima Das, George Moore, Elisa Bravo, Amanda Baker, Martin Culpepper, Maria Yang, and Jesse Austin- Breneman, “A Baseline Analysis of Makerspace Engagement – Comparing Institutional and Demographic Factors for First Year Undergraduate Students,” 7th International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces, October 2023.
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