I worked full time from 2018-2020 as a Design and Technology Fellow for NuVu Studio, an innovation school in Cambridge, MA. As a Fellow, I was stationed at one of NuVu's partner schools in Wichita, KS where I implemented NuVu's pedagogy of creative, hands-on project-based learning with elementary school students. I designed studios, created curriculum, and ran the studios at my school. 
Publications from this work include:
Madhurima Das, “Full STEAM Ahead: Hands-on Elementary Education and Persistence during COVID-19,” ASME IMECE Conference, November 2020, Portland, Oregon. Winner, Excellence in STEM Outreach Award, Process Industries Division 
Madhurima Das, “Taking a Bandsaw to 1st Grade: Transforming Elementary School through Hands-on STEAM Education,” 2020 ASEE Annual Conference, June 2020, Montreal, Canada
A student learning Illustrator, showing many prototypes, and polished products created on the laser cutter and 3D printer during our Entrepreneurship studio. A student is testing out 3d printed spikes attached to gloves to see if it improves traction when climbing a tree.
A student recreating the form and function of a hole puncher by creating a working cardboard hole puncher and a digital model in Tinkercad
Students creating natural play areas during our Experimental Playscapes studio. The first image was created in Photoshop by one of my students to show the setting and scale of their model. 
Innovations in Kitchen utensils: Space-saving utensils with detachable handles, and a mixing bowl that transforms into a pan. 
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