I worked with a partner to develop concepts for multiple apps within a suite that work to enhance the relationship between parents and children through interactive technology.
STrEAM is an app which turns iPad play into a lifelong passion for making and the arts. While on the app, children are engaged by quick educational videos that teach them how to create their own projects from home. When children get curious about different topics, we connect their families with local programs that match these interests. This allows us to introduce STEAM to any child with access to a phone or tablet anywhere.
Tell Me a Bedtime Story is an app that provides children and parents a chance to bond over shared storytelling and art- even when they are apart! 
First App Concept- STrEAM
STrEAM app mockups
STrEAM pitch video
Personas of the buyer and end user of STrEAM
Second App Concept- Tell Me a Bedtime Story
Tell Me a Bedtime Story app concept details
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